SS exports

SS Exports

Iceland has two types of meat that are popular in some world markets.  Icelandic lamb is known for its unique wild flavour and tenderness. In total about 3000 tons are exported annually by all abattoirs in Iceland.  SS exports both fresh and frozen lamb in various cuts. The slaughter season for lamb is September and October each year.

Horsemeat both fresh and frozen is also exported to selected markets.

Byproducts from lamb are also exported such as casings, tripes, heads, kidneys and trimmings.

SS also exports salted lamb skins and salted hides. Icelandic lamb skins are known for their lightness and have been popular for fashion clothes and nappa production.

Contact for hides, by-products and horsemeat: Benedikt Benediktsson e-mail:
Contact for lamb and lamb skins:   Steinthor Skulason  e-mail:
See the following website for detailed information about Icelandic lamb :

See also this website for classifications and information on various cuts of lamb :


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