Total Creditinfo awarded Sláturfélag Suðurlands svf.


Sláturfélag Suðurlands svf. has been recognised as one of Iceland’s strongest companies 2019. Only 2% of Icelandic companies meet these requirements.

Companies that meet the following requirements are eligible for the Strongest in Iceland 2020:

– Have submitted financial statement to RSK for the fiscal years 2017–2019 The latest financial statement turned in on time
– Categorised by Creditinfo in risk category 1, 2 or 3
– Positive EBIT for the fiscal years 2017–2019

– Positive operating profit for the fiscal years 2017–2019
– Equity ratio at least 20% for the fiscal years 2017–2019
– Registered CEO at the Company Registry
– Defined as a credit active company according to Creditinfo
– Total operating income at least ISK 50m for the fiscal years 2017–2019 Total assets at least ISK 100m for the fiscal years      

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    Slaturfelag Suðurlands svf. (SS)

    SS is a producers co-operative owned by farmers in the Southern and West part of Iceland and shareholders. The company was founded in 1907.
    Our objective is to operate on the wholesale level selling our own production and imported food products and food related products.  The company is operating in three divisions : abattoir, meat processing and imports.

    SS runs the largest abattoir in Iceland with about 19% of the animals slaughtered.  The company operates a slaughter plant in Southern part of Iceland. The plant is at Selfoss 50 km East of Reykjavik and has export licence for Japan, US and EU countries. Total volume slaughtered annually is about 4000 ton´s.

    Meat processing
    SS meat processing division holds a dominant position in meat processed products with market share from 20% to 80% depending on product categories.  Our product range in meat processed products consists of about 150 various products.  SS best selling product is the very famous SS vinarpylsa (hot dog) with about 80% market share.  In fast developing fields like ready made meals SS is a market leader with the 1944 brand.  SS applies a multiple brand strategy in selling its products.
    Main processing plant is at Hvolsvollur 115 km East of Reykjavik and is about 9000 m2 in size.

    SS has placed high emphasis on increasing the turnover of the import division where SS represents many outstanding companies.  SS policy is to represent one of three leading brands in every product category.  SS is sole agent and distributor for well-known brands such as Pedigree and Whiskas petfood, McCormick spices, Uncle Ben’s rice and sauces, Mars confectionery and Mars ice-cream, Barilla pasta products and sauces, Bennett Opie´s cocktail cherries and olives, Yara fertilizer and DLG animal feed.

    Iceland has two types of meat that are popular in some world markets.  Icelandic lamb is known for its unique wild flavour and tenderness. In total about 3000 tons are exported annually by all abattoirs in Iceland. SS exports both fresh and frozen lamb in various cuts. The slaughter season for lamb is September and October each year. Horsemeat both fresh and frozen is also exported to selected markets.
    SS also exports salted lamb skins and salted hides. Icelandic lamb skins are known for their lightness and have been popular for fashion clothes and nappa production.

    Managing director: Steinthor Skulason, email: steinthor@ss.is. Financial manager: Hjalti H. Hjaltason, email: hjalti@ss.is. Production manager: Benedikt Benediktsson, email: benedikt@ss.is. Marketing & sales manager: Steinthor Skulason, email: steinthor@ss.is.

    Main office
    Slaturfelag Sudurlands svf.
    Fosshals 1,
    110 Reykjavik, Iceland  Phone   +354 575 6000
    Fax   +354 575 6090
    Register number  600269-2089   VAT .no. 14536
    E-mail   ss@ss.is
    Homepage  www.ss.is
    Our trade bank is:   Arion bank, Borgartuni 19, Reykjavik, Iceland.     www.arionbanki.is